Doodlecats Drawings by Beth Wilson and lots of photos of the Doodlecats Pixie, Arty and Molly.

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It’s that time of year, you can’t escape the pumpkin!


- Molly, I need to talk to you about this mess
- It’s dreadful isn’t it? I wonder who did it.
- Molly it was you!
- Me? No! Of course it wasn’t me!
- Molly I saw you do it, I have video evidence.
- It wasn’t me, it must have been another black cat
- We don’t have another black cat. Also, you have tissue paper stuck to your foot
- Arty made me do it.

- Hey Arty! I didn’t know you were in here
- I’m hiding
- What are you hiding from?
- The doorbell
- The doorbell can’t hurt you!
- Yeh yeh, and the vacuum monster won’t attack me and the hair dryer is perfectly safe too? 
- Exactly!
- I’m not sure if you’re a brave or stupid human, those things are DANGEROUS!!!


Thanks to doodlecats for the cats in Awesome Boxes pics! Super cute & awesome. We’re glad our boxes have more than one use! 

SO many cats

The Doodlecats are working hard today

- Arty! Arty! This catnip is amazing!!
- Go easy little Molly, it’s strong stuff
- zzzzzzzzzz
- Pfft, youngsters!

- Molly, do you know anything about the muddy footprints all over the bed?
- Nope
- Really? 
- It must have been Arty. 
- Arty has been asleep all morning I don’t think it was him. 
- Maybe he sleep walked?
- Molly you came in soaking wet from the garden and I just saw you running out of the bedroom.
- It really wasn’t me.
- So why is there mud on the windowsill you’re on?
- Pixie?!

Often I will hear strange noises coming from another room and when I go to investigate all three cats will be just sat about looking innocent. I can only imagine what they’re up to when I’m not there 

- Hey Molly, what are you using that notebook for?
- I’m writing a list of all the things I”m asking Santa to bring me. 
- You’re starting early!
- I want to make sure he has time to get it all. I might need another notebook though.
- Why? You don’t need that much paper do you?
- Yep, I want a lot of things.
- Hang on a minute Mols, most of these pages just ‘tuna’ over and over again.
- I want a *lot* of tuna